Моника Колева - Tonight Is Ours

Текст на песента

Verse 1

It’s gettin later
and I know it’s time
the perfect time for you and me
to get down to it
See I’ve never thought
that I would feel something so strong
Baby, when you’re around me
nothing else matters.


Wanna hold on to this moment
before it fades away
want you to touch my body
every night and single day
Let me be the one you’re looking for
I won’t let you down boy you gotta know
wanna hold on to this moment
every night and every day

Oh tonight is ours [2]

Verse 2

After all these years
There is still so much that I wanna say
Erasing all my fears
You are lifting* me up
and everything now clears
See I’d never thought that I would feel
something that seems so wrong
but somehow you make it feel
make it feel right.



You know exactly what you did
I’m on for that and I can’t resist.
Baby I’m tellin you
I’ve been lookin’ for you
all my life.
There’s no other man
like you.

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