Карла - I wish you

Текст на песента

I wish you...
Refrain: All the love I wish you
All the hate I wish you
All the sun I wish you
All the rain I wish you
All the joy I wish you
All the pain I wish you
All the sence I wish you
All the best
1. You know that I know even
if she don`t, fool her,
but he can`t fool me,
you damn fool.
You saw me see you with her -
it`s over and now I`m leaving -
I`m so much better that this.
Bridge: Do you have ever believe like you have me deceived?
Does she know your needs like I know your deeds?
I though that he was a faith and then you come back.
You know what - I don`t care; It`s over.
What`s done is done and what`s mine is not yours.
My pride - I`m keeping, can`t take it, no way, no...
Do you tell her that she`s so beautifull?
Do you say her how your love is so special just for her?
Do you give up the same old lies when you`re feeling really a...
All of the times she replaced are gained for someone else.

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